Private Label

Private Label


With the market for allergen/gluten-free products growing at a rapid rate, chefs and bakers are looking for options to add to their menu and ignite their reputation for offering delicious allergen/gluten-free foods to their menu.

Simply Baked Gluten Free is a dedicated gluten free, and both tree nut and peanut free manufacturer that delivers the highest quality gluten-free/allergen free baked and ready-to-bake desserts, batters and dough to both food-service and private label accounts.

Our signature products and recipes are unique to the marketplace and on trend with consumer demand.  Our category of items include (but are not limited to):  allergen-free breads, dinner rolls, cornbread, biscuits, coffee cakes, muffins, cookies and brownies AND a complete line of ready-to-bake batter and dough for both sweet and savory menu additions.

Chefs now have a choice to  bake fresh with limited risk of cross contamination and managing raw goods inventory OR buy baked and individually packaged allergy free and gluten free savory and desserts.

Now is the time for chefs and the food-service industry to offer their clients and customers DELICIOUS, memorable gluten-free/ALLERGEN menu options.

Simply Baked Gluten Free offers a variety of options or help you create the products you need.

We have a variety of recipes that we private label with YOUR brand.   Our brand is Connections Gluten Free (formerly The Coffeecake Connection).  You can visit our website to see some of our products that we sell direct to consumers or wholesale.

Or contact us at: or call us at:  630-759-3764