Contract & Private Label Manufacturer

Contract & Private Label Manufacturer

We consider ourselves to be a “boutique” contract and private label manufacture of baked goods.  We offer start-up and emerging gluten-free/allergen free food businesses grow. We offer a variety of connections and services (marketing, packaging, nutritionists, social media, order fulfillment and more).  Growing your business?  Look no further!

Simply Baked Gluten Free, LLC is an all-inclusive,dedicated gluten-free,  contract and private label manufacturer located in Romeoville, IL (just West of Chicago, IL). Our specialties include (but are not limited to)  baking, wrapping, packaging a wide range of cookies, brownies, cakes, specialty breads, ready-to-bake batters, gourmet baked goods and more.

We can help bring you to market or grow your brand.   Our team that is committed to your success!  Whether you are in start-up phase, converting your recipe to gluten-free or need higher volume to keep up and grow sales, contact us.

We can help with the various stages of your growth.

We offer a broad range of industry expertise in contact baking and private labeling.

Let us be your solution for growing your business.  We are a dedicated gluten-free, and dedicated tree nut and peanut-free facility. In 2017, we have made the decision to allow for the manufacturing of products containing all components of coconut.


co-packing capabilites